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Lead Education for Drinking Water

A large part of the District's mission is to provide safe, affordable drinking water to all its customers.  2020 has been an important year for the sustainability of the system - including testing for dozens of contaminants at the source, cleaning and recoating the tank and putting online a new well.

This has not been without issues.  A construction issue resulted in an e-coli contamination and a "Boil Water Notice".  Not a stellar moment on a district's record. Fortunately, in this case, it was something that could be easily resolved.

Two of the many contaminants sampled for during 2020 were lead and copper. This is interesting data to collect as it is more a reflection of the plumbing in the community homes than the district itself.  The well does not have an exceedance in lead or copper, and the distribution lines have no lead or copper.  But, one of the five samples taken in June was in excess of the reportable limits for lead. It is hard to say exactly why that happened, but subsequent testing conducted in August and October was within the EPA's standards. 

The EPA does require a district to provide education to the customers about lead in drinking water and how to minimize/eliminate possible danger to consumers.

Please read the pamphlet found under "News and Notices".  Contact us if you have any questions.